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Commercial and domestic clients in the Brixton area have come to respect Wright Window Cleaners for their trustworthy and friendly staff.

Besides our professional window cleaning team, our customers also love the modern “Reach & Wash Pole” window cleaning system that we mount to the tops of our vehicles. This system is the best of it’s kind, delivering 100% pure water the carbon fibre poles. The difference between using pure water compared to tap water is instantly recognisable!

Another reason we employ a highly competent staff is because the Reach & Wash Pole system can stretch up to 100m wide and 26m high. Our team can even manage up to three poles at once!


Why the Reach & Wash Pole Fed window cleaning system works:

You will immediately notice a difference in your windows after the ph neutral 7 water system sprays your windows and leaves no residue whatsoever.

Window cleaners who place less value in the customers or who want their customers to call them more than necessary use tap water for cleaning windows. Tap water has detergents and chemicals that leave residue on windows, which actually attracts more direct. This means windows need more regular cleaning. Other aspects of our window cleaning in Brixton:


  • We do not use harsh chemicals or detergents, keeping your windows, sills, and frames as pure as the water.
  • We value keeping the Brixton environment clean, so we employ environmentally friendly cleaning processes.
  • We take time to finish the job: We wipe down windows and frames before leaving every property.
  • To avoid dangerous and potentially costly accidents, our team can reach with poles, not our bodies.
  • Our highly trained staff is trusted by our customers and employees.


Traditional Window Cleaning in Brixton


When we can’t reach around turn & tilt windows, we use traditional cleaning methods instead of the Reach & Wash system.

We have powered access equipment and abseiling services in case our clients have very unique and tall properties.

Wright Clean window cleaning in Brixton also cleans window frames and sills so they are as spotless as the windows.
Before offering any contract the Wright Clean Ltd. team must visit and survey your property. Any subsequent quotes are no obligation!

For more information on our window cleaners Brixton, Devon & Cornwall, or to arrange a quotation, please call us on 01752 313031 or contact us below.

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