Window Cleaning in Tavistock

Our team provide expert window cleaning in Plymouth and around the UK for commercial and domestic clients.

At Wright Clean, we use the ‘Reach Pole’ water fed system for cleaning windows, coupled with traditional and proven methods. Our vehicles are equipped with a five-stage water treatment system, delivered using carbon-fibre water-fed poles, delivering 100% pure water to the window surface and window frames, giving a sparkling clean & smear-free finish.
Our trained staff can work up to 100m from our vehicles and will reach up to 26m in height. Some of our vehicles are able to run three window cleaning poles at once.

Advantages of our ‘Reach Pole’ window cleaning system:

We use ‘pure’ water with a pH of 7 (neutral) in our system and our process allows us to clean your windows effectively, leaving no residue.
Your windows will stay cleaner for much longer too, as pure water does not easily attract dirt. Some other more unconventional methods use detergents in the water and this will leave a residue, which will attract dirt much quicker, resulting in your windows requiring cleaning more often.


• No chemicals or detergents, keeping your windows cleaner for longer.
• Environmentally friendly process, using pure water.
• Frames and sills are cleaned at the same time – all part of our expert service.
• All windows are cleaned safely from the ground.
• Excellent reputation for consistent & trusted results.


Traditional Window Cleaning in Tavistock

We use the more traditional window cleaning methods on awkward to reach, tilt and turn windows and lower levels are also cleaned using conventional methods.
Any residue left on the frame or window sill is removed and all areas are left clean and dry.
For some of our clients, we provide an abseiling service or powered access equipment, where abseiling is not an option.
Wright Clean Ltd would always look to carry out a survey of your premises first and provide you with a FREE no obligation quotation.
For more information on our trusted and professional window cleaning service in Plymouth, or to arrange a quotation, please call us on 01752 313031

P Gale - Divisional Director South West

We are writing to sincerely thank your company for the commitment, services, teamwork and dedication demonstrated during the delivery of an extremely challenging project.

Our Client’s function dates in the conference facilities and crucially the initial home match were successfully achieved as planned, the shear hard work and effort shown by your employees being a huge contributory factor.
We would like to thank your team, whose ability, drive, energy and enthusiasm was exemplary in delivering your package of works and integrating with the other trades on site.

window cleaning in plymouth

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