Window cleaning using the ‘Reach and Wash’ system

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6th July 2015
carpet cleaning in Plymouth
Improving Indoor Air Quality through Wright Clean carpet cleaning in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall
16th July 2015

Window cleaning using the ‘Reach and Wash’ system

window cleaning in plymouth

‘Reach and Wash’ Window Cleaning in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall


Cleaning windows using the reach and wash system is relatively new but it has made vast improvements to the quality, safety and cost of window cleaning for those companies that have adopted the method. Wright clean Ltd are one of the leading cleaning companies in the South West using the most up to date cleaning techniques and methods on a range or surfaces. Our method of choice for window cleaning is the reach and wash system.


Advantages of the ‘Reach and Wash’ system?


There are many reasons to use a cleaning company that provide this service, windows are cleaned more effectively which saves time and money for everybody involved. This means that our commercial clients can have their windows cleaned more often without having to increase the budget.

It allows for high level cleaning with the ability to clean windows safely at up to 8 floors without using specialist equipment which also reduces costs..
Safety– Another advantage of cleaning windowsusing the ‘Reach and Wash’ system is there are minimal safety risks due to all of our technicians being safely on the ground at all times.

Contact our Friendly team to find out how we can help you maintain your windows using the Reach and Wash system.


Why use Wright Clean for ‘Reach and Wash’ Window Cleaning

All of our staff are fully trained to use the reach and wash system with plenty of experience meaning they can do an excellent job every time.

Wright Clean are able to undertake a professional service providing an excellent job for our clients. We are always thinking of new ways to utilise the reach and wash system to improve our service and save our customers money.
Contact our friendly team for a free quotation and advice on cleaning windows in Plymouth with the ‘Reach and Wash’.


The way the reach and wash works

This method of cleaning requires purified water which travels through carbon fibre poles which will reach heights of up to 90ft. This vastly improves the cleaning process as the 100% purified water contains no detergent which can leave sticky residue that attracts dirt back to the window

For more information and a free quote call us today for more information on window cleaners in Plymouth.


Do I require any water taps to provide water?
No our vehicles provide everything we need for the job at hand.

Are there guidelines for safety in strong winds?
There are no official regulations but we would advise using the system in strong winds for health and safety reasons.

Who do you provide this service for and where?
We provide our services all over Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall for commercial clients.
Wright Clean limited provide a range of cleaning services for our clients from Window, carpet, oven cleaning to chewing gum and gutter cleaning. For more information about our services contact us today.

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