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24th July 2015
3rd August 2015

Rental Machines vs A professional Plymouth carpet cleaning service

plymouth carpet cleaning

Wright Clean’s Plymouth carpet cleaning Service – Why not to rent a machine?


It’s a common question asked by clients who are contemplating our Plymouth carpet cleaning services. What is the difference between hiring a machine and hiring out a professional company?
Well to start with rental machines are a lot cheaper pieces of equipment and are normally rented for under £50. Professional cleaning equipment can cost over £25,000 and realistically that means they are a lot better!
There are many other advantages to a professional Plymouth carpet cleaning team. Apart from the huge difference in the effectiveness of the machinery used, our members of staff are trained in stain identification and the ability to use specialist products.

This not only allows them to provide a much better cleaning service but they also understand the potential damage that can be caused using chemicals on some fabrics.

We at Wright Clean believe that you are much better off vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis and then using a professional Plymouth carpet cleaning service every 12 months (unless an unexpected accident means you need us to come out sooner).


Wright Clean’s Cleaning Process:

1. Inspection – Before we carry out any work on your premises, we will go through a pre inspection of your carpets. This is to check the fibres and carpets and also identify any serious stains.
2. Moving of furniture – If necessary we will carefully remove any light furniture.
3. Vacuum – We use a very powerful vacuum cleaner that will ensure all dry soil is removed.
4. Pre spray/spot – We apply a pre conditioned agent on any heavy traffic soiling and use appropriate solutions on pre-determined stains to give the maximum chance of removal.
5. Extraction – Our powerful Truck Mounted carpet cleaners will extract any soil particles and moisture to ensure there is no chance of over wetting the carpets.
6. Check – After the initial clean we will check for any stubborn stains and retreat if applicable with specialist solutions.
7. Groom – We use a professional groomer which lifts the carpet pile leaving an extremely professional finish. This process will also aid drying.
8. Dry – If needed we have the ability to turbo dry your carpets to ensure all excess moisture is removed.
9. Final Inspection – Before we finish, a complete final inspection will be carried out to ensure your carpets look as good as new. If you have stipulated the use of Carpet Protector, it will be applied at this point. Although this is an added extra it will help protect your carpet from further stains.
For any further information about our Plymouth carpet cleaning services, please read our blog or contact us for a free no obligation quote on the work you need completing.

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