Hard Floor Cleaning in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall

Wright Clean Ltd has experience with hard floor cleaning for most types of commercial & domestic flooring from concrete warehouse flooring, garage flooring to specialist sprung wooden flooring and laminates as well as commercial kitchen floors.
We have found that the build up of dirt and debris including oils and greases not only constitute a Health & Safety hazard, it can also have a detrimental affect on the use of the floor and affect the safety of the people using the areas.

Our hard floor Cleaning Methods.

Concrete flooring is rotary scrubbed whilst using a degreaser, hand cleaned in difficult areas and all residue removed. Finishes can be applied to the flooring once clean to help protect it from attracting dirt again.

We have used this method for domestic garages, outbuildings, hard standings, hotel car parks, building entrances, pathways, school recreational areas and for builders cleans.

Similarly, with wooden flooring, this can be stripped of polish, cleaned or sanded and re-sealed with various types of finish depending upon the slip resistance required. We always take advice from the customer and refer to the manufacturers recommendations on application of any product.

Deep cleans on kitchen floors follows the rotary scrubbing method with hand cleaning in difficult and intricate areas. We are conversant with the HACCP requirements of commercial kitchens and are very familiar with the standards to achieve. The finish that Wright Clean Ltd gets is excellent and takes into account the methods we use, combined with our fully trained staff. The final work carried out is the removal of any dirt residue and a completion certificate issued.

Our cleaning methods follow the industry standard and are tried and tested giving the results expected of our clients and customers.

If you have any questions about cleaning your floors, feel free to submit an enquiry form or contact Wright Clean Ltd at any of our branches and we will be happy to talk with you.

Hear From Our Clients

Lesley Johnson – Student Village UPP (Plymouth) Ltd

The above named company has worked on our site over the past 8 months cleaning over 1200 rooms/common areas and some external areas. They were found to be very punctual and very thorough in all aspect of their work. The staff were very approachable and happy to help where they could. They gave no cause for concern and I would happily recommend them to any other business
Other Areas Covered: