Flea Treatment of Carpets & Upholstery


Flea Treatment of Carpets & Upholstery is sometimes essential when you have household pets.

Wright Clean Ltd would recommend to all our customers that they consider having Flea treatment applied as a preventative measure which will prevent you having to react to an infestation.
Our cleaning methods for your carpets and upholstery are very simple. We recommend a full carpet clean using our Hot Water extraction system which will not only clean your carpet of everyday dirts, it will also kill and remove infestations and eggs. Once your carpets have been cleaned, we spray with Permethrin which can be used on all fabrics and is both odourless and safe to use.

The treatment is applied very quickly and is very effective which will continue to work long after we have gone.

We would recommend anyone with pets to consider having this completed on a prevention cycle rather than reactive which in turn helps reduce infestation.