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Wright Clean follows a quality code of practice that mirrors the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association).  As professional carpet cleaners, we can deliver you with a proven system of cleaning.  With a variety of systems at our disposal, we select the correct application for your carpet.

First, we assess the condition, identify marks and report any damage prior to cleaning.

Because we provide you with a professional clean, we are confident that your carpet will receive the very best attention.

Trained Staff

We ensure that every carpet clean is carried out by professionally trained technician using a variety of techniques at their disposal.  Some of our carpet cleaning machines use the latest technology and have been converted to LPG.  As a result, this reduces our carbon footprint and is much more acceptable to the environment.

Firstly, our ‘Truck Mount’ machine is housed in our vehicle and all waste water is collected.  Because of this, it is only the extraction hose and high pressure water line that goes into your house.

Our Equipment

When we have finished cleaning your carpets, just take a look at the waste water, it will surprise you.

Our carpet cleaning technicians can clean just one carpet, or we can price to clean multiple carpets at a reduced rate.  In addition, our technicians carry all types of solutions on board, we can tackle a variety of stains.  Therefore, this is no problem for tea & coffee stains, red wine, blood, urine & vomit.  In addition, we can even remove candle wax.

Trained technicians that provide you with a first class carpet cleaning service.

The Results

Cleaning can provide:

  • Extract deep-down soil, pollutants, bacteria, allergens, dust and mites.
  • Clean using residue-free WoolSafe® approved products.
  • Enhance the appearance and extend the life of your carpet.
  • Improve your Indoor air quality.
  • Revitalise your carpet’s fibres and colour, enhance, condition and leave your carpet refreshed, hygienic, cleaned and looking good.
  • We will pre-vacuum with our professional high powered Sebo™ Vacuum System which removes up to 85% of all loose soil & grit from your carpet.
  • Treat any major stains or spots on your carpet and choose which chemical to use, dependent upon the type of stain.
  • The remaining soil and dirt is loosened from the fibres of your carpets with an application of the most appropriate non-hazardous pre-spray. In the case of wool carpeting, we will only use products approved by the WoolSafe® organisation.
The Treatments

After the carpet is cleaned, we can offer you some additional services & products:

  • Flea Treatment (Pemetherin based)
  • Carpet / Fabric Protector
  • Anti Static spray (ideal for computer rooms)

In conclusion, your carpets will be left with a gentle fragrance and be refreshed.

For any further information about carpet cleaning please send us a message using the contact form.  Alternatively, you can call us on 01752 313031.

Hear From Our Clients

Bill – Manager, Union Pension Trustees Ltd

I wish to thank your company for your excellent service in cleaning the carpets in the basement following the flood where the drains overflowed. The carpets were in a very poor state having been soaked with effluent and foul water, yet following treatment by you were as good as new. I found your charges for the work to be very reasonable having regard to the considerable amount of work involved, and a fraction of the cost of replacing the carpets. I can certainly recommend your services and you are welcome to produce this letter to any enquirers Thank you again

carpet cleaning in Plymouth
end of tenancy cleans in plymouth

How Does our Plymouth Carpet cleaning team do it?

Furthermore, we use modern equipment in order to offer the best cleaning solution to both our domestic and commercial customers.  Because we use a powerful ‘Truck Mounted’ heat exchange system, the most effective carpet cleaning machine available. The ‘Truck Mount’ is fully contained within our vehicle and it is only the cleaning head and some hose that comes into your premises.

With over 500 feet of flexible tubing, we can easily reach the most inaccessible corners and floors.  Firstly, clean warm water, together with environmentally friendly solutions are pumped through to the cleaning head to ensure adequate pre-treatment.  Dirt is then extracted using our vacuum system.

Whilst the cleaning process is under-way, all waste water is pumped back to our storage tank.  Because the carpets are dried using ‘Turbo’ blowers, we decrease the drying time.  Lastly, natural ventilation can also help to reduce drying times. 

Therefore, if you own a commercial or domestic property and are looking to improve the condition and life expectancy or your carpets, please call us.  Our carpet cleaning Plymouth team are only a phone call away!

Examples Of Our Work



Carpet Protection in Plymouth

In addition, we can also include carpet protection.  This product when applied correctly, will assist in protecting your carpets from accidental spills or spots.  Furthermore, our trained staff are also proficient in applying flea treatment to areas of your carpet.  This is usually standard practice for End of Tenancy cleans or is used as a prevention measure.

Hear From Our Clients

Mr Shadrick - Yelverton

I had my carpets cleaned by Wright Clean. Very professional service and great results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

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