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It could be an accidental spillage or part of your summer-cleaning regimen, whatever brings you to seek out professional carpet cleaning Tavistock or the South West, be assured you have done the right thing. The worst thing you could do, is reach under your sink unit for that dusty bottle of ‘Stain-Blaster’ and make a bad situation worse. These inappropriate and ineffective chemical cocktails are among a group of ‘catch-all’ multi-purpose, multi-useless products. These can often do more harm than good and can bleach the colour from your valuable carpet. The golden rule (and it isn’t throwing white wine onto red), keep it damp by covering it with a damp tea towel and call the experts.

So what type of carpet cleaner in Tavistock do you use?

Now you are looking through the options on your media of choice and are faced with a number of local companies advertising their solution to carpet stain removal. The first thing you will notice is that there are two avenues of approach to this problem and ‘steam cleaning’ and ‘hot water cleaning’ are the two main protagonists. At this point confusion usually surfaces as many use both terms and there seems to be an overlap in terms of procedure. You can be forgiven here for not immediately comprehending the subtle difference in wording, as these differences translate to real and very large differences in the operational procedure and the results you will get.
Many carpet cleaners in Tavistock, Devon mistakenly refer to hot water extraction as steam cleaning, when in fact the two processes are fundamentally different. As the two methods allude to in their names, the temperature is a key difference. The chemicals used in each process are also very different, in response to this temperature.
Well the question of Hot-Water extraction vs Steam Cleaning may not be rocket science but carpets are expensive, long-term investments and anything that can greatly impact their quality, appearance and durability must be taken seriously. So it is in your best interests to differentiate between the two methods, to determine which is best for you. So before you call that carpet cleaning company, to treat your nasty stain, determine exactly which of these two services the company is in fact offering.


Differences between hot water and steam cleaning

Consider this; the primary difference between hot water extraction vs steam cleaning is clearly the temperature of the water used. Ergo, for a carpet to be steam-cleaned, the process must actually use steam. All common-sense so far but again and equally obviously, the water must be boiled so that it can transform into a gas (steam). Therefore, the temperature has to be over 212 degrees Fahrenheit (the boiling point for water) for steam to occur.
Hot water extraction, on the other hand, only requires hot water. How hot? Well, an established, optimum temperature that cleans deeply and effectively, but not so hot that it changes into another state of matter – steam. Basically, water used in hot water extraction methods must be under 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically they are kept well under the boiling point and this is for a good reason. It’s the higher temperatures and the different, more aggressive action of steam on fabric that can cause damage, shrinkage and actually set a satin in natural fibres.


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