About Wright Clean

We pride ourselves with the standard of cleaning that we provide which is both professional and exhaustive. When you use Wright Clean Ltd, we are sure that you will be completely satisfied with the level of cleanliness. Our cleaning services have been established over many years with fully trained and dedicated staff that do care about you and your satisfaction. We are so confident in our services that we offer our ‘GUARANTEE of SERVICE‘ to you and will look to reimburse you should you not be completely satisfied.

Truck Mounted Technology

We use professional ‘Truck Mounted’ equipment at Wright Clean Ltd which are operated by our fully trained staff and mounted in our fleet of vehicles. We are approved by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association) who endorse the ‘Truck Mounted’ system as the most effective method of removing dirt from your carpet. This system allows Wright Clean Ltd to provide a professional clean of your surfaces and remove all waste water from your house or premises. Our machines are maintained and serviced regularly ensuring maximum performance at the nozzle. Because of this superior cleaning method, we have been successful in securing Carpet cleaning work in Restaurants, Office premises, Clubs, Public Houses, Courts, Hotels, function rooms, Schools, Hospitals and also large commercial Offices where there is heavy foot traffic, entrances, walkways and where prestige areas need to be maintained. The ‘Truck Mounted’ equipment out performs any portable machine and is both versatile and completely safe to use.

Commercial Cleaning

This superior cleaning power results in a deep down professional clean that removes dirt, dust and contaminants. The operator can undertake cleaning operations that other machines could not even attempt. It is possible to bring back carpets from a salvage state thus eliminating the need for replacement by the client, however, this is just the beginning of the potential work that can be gained using this system. Because it is totally self-sufficient, the operator is not limited to the cleaning application where the client supplies a power and water source. We are able to provide superior cleaning chemicals that work to remove contaminants. We can reach in excess of 100 meters from our vehicles which is ideal for multiple cleaning tasks such as Coaches, Caravans, Underground Carriages, Ferries, high rise Flats or premises and multiple offices. Hot water is applied at high pressure and immediately removed by the action of the carpet cleaning ‘Wand’.

Thorough Cleaning by Fully Trained Technicians

Our staff are fully trained and attend courses provided by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association). Our methods of cleaning which are approved by leading manufacturers are the most effective cleaning processes available today. They do not leave chemical residues in your carpet or damage it in any way. We clean right down to the base of the carpet, removing removing dirt, grit and pollutants leaving your home or premises clean and healthy. Our trained staff are friendly and courteous and will listen to your exact requirements. Wright Clean Ltd staff are trained to remove stains in your carpet and carry a variety of products for removing Coffee, Blood, Wine, Tea and also have the knowledge to remove candle wax. You will be surprised just how clean we can get your carpets!

Honest Pricing

We promise to provide you with an honest and reasonable price with no added costs right from the start. We are happy to discuss any other work that inclusive pricing and no high-pressure sales gimmicks. The prices we quote include all the solutions, machinery and manpower needed to get the job done properly. We do not offer you the bait of a low price and then switch to a higher price when in your home or businesses. You will receive a completely honest and reliable service.

FREE Consumer Information – We will truthfully answer any query you might have, no matter how big or how small. In addition, please call us and ask for a Free Health Check on your home or premises. A health check is much more than a price quote. We will tell you exactly what we can do to clean and improve your premises, how good it will look, and how long you can expect it to stay clean. We will figure out the exact cost, and prepare to give you the best cleaning available. We believe in providing a full service, before, during and after every clean – every time.
You Get an Exact Appointment – You only get an answering machine if the phones are ringing at once. If this is the case, we will return your call promptly. You can usually have your cleaning done within a week of calling us. You won’t hear us saying, “We’ll be there between noon and five pm.” We give you an appointment time within a one-hour window of arrival. And if we are ever running late, we’ll call you to let you know.
With our Regular Maintenance Programmes Your premises Need Never Look Dirty Again – When we have cleaned for you, please ask about our Regular Maintenance Programmes? When you agree to a regular maintenance programme, Wright clean will arrive regularly in order to keep your home or business up to a standard of cleanliness that you would like. Our regular cleaning programmes can be tailored to suit your particular requirements.
A Word of Warning – We can’t clean everything like new, but we’ll tell you up front what we can or cannot do. Plus, because our services are designed to be the most thorough, they may not be for everybody. If all you want is a cheap brush around the dirt clean, then we respectfully request you call another cleaning company. Some cleaning companies are non-certified, untrained and indeed use “Bait and Switch Tactics” (bait you with a low price and once in your home or premises switch you to a higher price).

However, if you want safe and professional cleaning, with a full money back guarantee – then you must call Wright Clean Ltd All surface cleaning – NOW, on Plymouth: 01752 313031, Tavistock: 01822 664537 or Email info@wrightclean.co.uk.