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Wright Clean Northam is made up of a trusted, qualified cleaning team. We clean commercial and domestic spaces.

The secret to our window cleaning (outside of our outstanding customer service) is the Reach Pole Water-Fed Cleaning system. In this system, carbon fibre poles use 100% pure water on windows. This leaves a flawless shine that is less likely to attract more dirt, meaning your windows will be cleaner, longer. We also use traditional window cleaning as necessary. With this level of skill, windows will be smear-free after Wright Clean has visited!

Another benefit to Reach Poles is the fact that our staff can work comfortably from the ground up to 100 metres away and 26 metres below the window being worked on. We can also operate up to three window cleaning poles at one time.


Advantages of the Reach Pole window cleaning system:

First: by using water that is pH 7, or neutral, windows will be left without any residue. It’s chemicals in water that leave residue on windows after cleaning.

Second, after the initial window cleaning is completed, your windows will be less likely to attract more dirt. Detergents, chemicals, and dirt offer spaces for more dirt to stick to. A dirty window leads to a dirty window! Here is a summary of the the Wright Clean window cleaning system:


  • Using no harsh chemicals or detergents, windows stay cleaner, longer. Call Wright Clean once to call Wright Clean less!
  • Wright Clean uses environmentally friendly cleaning processes, contributing to a healthy overall environment in Northam.
  • Wright Clean ensures that your window frames and seals are as clean as the windows.
  • The Wright Clean team works from ground level. You and we don’t need to worry about a member of our staff falling!
  • Of course, our window cleaning staff are 100% trained and 100% trusted.


Traditional Window Cleaning in Northam


When the Reach Pole system cannot move around awkward corners, at low levels, or operate on listed buildings, we use traditional cleaning methods.

After all cleaning we will remove any wet residue on the window frame and sill. Customers return to spot-free windows, doorways, and external-facing spaces.

Do you have a very large property? Wright Clean offers and abseiling service to reach the most difficult windows. We also have power-access equipment for when even abseiling is not an option. For these jobs we will visit the premise first to provide the most accurate, no-obligation window cleaning quote.

For more information on our window cleaners Northam, Devon & Cornwall, or to arrange a quotation, please call us on 01752 313031 or contact us below.

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