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Whether our Woolwell-based clients are commercial or domestic, the Wright Clean team in Woolwell offers them high-quality cleaning services.

Wright Clean uses the most modern of water-based window cleaning systems, Reach Pole. Reach Pole equipment is based on carbon fibre poles that deliver 100% pure water to windows. The finish is therefore flawless, smear-free, and shinier for longer. It also cleans surfaces around windows. However, our skilled team knows that sometimes traditional methods are best, so we also put a little “elbow grease” into nearly every job.

The technically advanced Reach Pole system allows our staff to work from up to 100 metres away from the home and 26 metres below the window, which comes in handy in tiny Woolwell lanes!


The advantages of the Reach Pole window cleaning system:

Reach Pole uses cleansed water that is neutrally balanced with a pH of 7. That means there’s no residue after a window is cleaned.

What most customers don’t know is that using dirty water to clean windows actually makes windows dirtier in the long-run. That’s because residue attracts more dirt and grime– the dirt has something to stick to! Wright Clean uses water without detergents, so windows stay cleaner, longer. An overview:


  • Customers need to call Wright Clean less frequently because we use no chemicals in our water to attract dirt after we’ve left.
  • We protect the Woolwell environment by using clean and pure water that is environmentally friendly.
  • The Wright Clean team takes time to clean frames and sills as part of our standard window cleaning service.
  • Window cleaners stand at ground level to clean your windows which eliminates much of the danger associated with window cleaning.
  • Wright Clean Staff is trained and trusted to the highest standard.


Traditional Window Cleaning in Woolwell


Sometimes, Reach Pole systems don’t work well on low windows, reach and tilt windows, or listed buildings. Then we use traditional cleaning methods.

After cleaning windows, Wright Clean also cleans any residue on the frames and window sills. Your home or office will be spotless after we leave!

If a customer’s property is too large for even the Reach Pole system, or too fragile, we’re happy to offer an abseiling service, too. If abseiling isn’t an option, we have Plan C: power access equipment. For these jobs, we request to complete a survey of your premise in order to offer the best, safest quote.

For more information on our window cleaners Woolwell, Devon & Cornwall, or to arrange a quotation, please call us on 01752 313031 or contact us below.

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