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Commercial and domestic clients in the Bovey Tracey area turn to Wright Clean Ltd for their window cleaning services.

Primarily, Wright Clean Ltd uses the hyper-modern Reach Pole water window cleaning system. Across five stages, the Reach Pole system cleans and delivers 100% pure water to external property windows. The poles that deliver water are state-of-the-art carbon fibre. After cleaning with pure water, windows are left without any residue. This system is top-of-the-line for the industry, and Wright Clean Ltd is proud to be one of the first organizations to have invested.

Another benefit to the Reach Pole system is the fact that it allows experienced and trusted staff to work from 100 metres away and 26 metres high. We can even run three different window cleaning poles at one time!


Advantages of the ‘Reach Pole’ window cleaning system:

The number one reason Reach Pole leaves windows smear-free is because it uses pure water. The water literally has a pH level of 7; i.e., it is neutral water.

Why is pure water better for cleaning windows than tap water? Residue left behind by tap water is actually a magnate for more residue; it gives dirt something to stick to! Detergents in water make windows dirtier, faster. Here’s a summary of the Wright Clean Ltd methodology:


  • Using no harsh chemicals or detergents, windows stay cleaner, longer. So do window frames and doors!
  • Pure water helps protect and keep clean the fragile environment in and around Bovey Tracey.
  • Wright Clean Ltd will never leave a property without first cleaning residue on window frames and sills.
  • The Reach Pole system allows our staff to work from ground level, eliminating many health and safety hazards.
  • The Wright Clean staff is trained and trusted.


Traditional Window Cleaning in Bovey Tracey


At certain times the Reach Pole system uses traditional methods. This includes around awkward corners, tilt-and-turn windows, and windows at lower levels.

After cleaning the surface of the windows, the Wright Clean Ltd team will also clean the window frame and window. All area near the window will be dry!

Do you have a very large property? Wright Clean provides abseiling services! Do you have a property where abseiling won’t work? Wright Clean Ltd can provide power-access equipment! For these complicated jobs we ask to survey and quote your project before delivering any contracts.

For more information on our window cleaners Bovey Tracey, Devon & Cornwall, or to arrange a quotation, please call us on 01752 313031 or contact us below.

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