Wright Clean Ltd: Your Window Cleaners Wembury 

Whether they’re domestic or business customers in or around the Wembury region, local businesses respect Wright Clean Ltd. for offering the best cleaning services in the region.

Wright Clean Window Cleaning Services use the “Reach & Wash” pole-fed cleaning system to deliver 100% pure water directly to exterior windows. We deliver the 5-stage treatment system using carbon-fibre poles to windows and frames. Since it’s actually the residue in water that most contributes to window stains, the Reach & Wash system guarantees a nearly flawless finish. You’ll see our vehicles and know it’s us!

Not just anyone can operate our vehicles. The Reach & Wash poles feed up to 100m away and 26m high. For very large jobs, our team is able to run three cleaning poles at one time! for more information about our window cleaners Wembury, contact us today.


How Reach & Wash Poles Provide the Best Possible Clean:

Firstly, Reach & Wash uses water that has a pH level of 7 (neutral), allowing us to leave your windows with zero residue immediately and in the longer term.

What’s most interesting about water is that not only does pure water leave a cleaner finish but clean windows are less likely to attract more dirt (there’s nothing for it to stick to). We’re basically working ourselves out of the job, because your windows will require less frequent cleaning! Obviously, we value customer satisfaction. In addition to Reach & Wash…:


  • We do not add any harsh chemicals or detergents to our systems, further purifying the overall job.
  • We want to protect Wembury: We follow environmentally friendly processes that use only clean and pure water.
  • Our expert window cleaning service is able to clean frames and sills at the same time.
  • Because we use the reach poles, our team is able to reach your highest height from the safety of the ground.
  • Our stellar staff is totally trained and totally trustworthy.


Traditional Window Cleaning in Wembury


For those situations whereby the Reach & Wash Pole system does not work, like for reach, tilt, and turn windows, we use traditional cleaning methods.

We go back after the final portion of every job to make sure that frames and window sills are spotless, shining, and dry.

What’s more, Wright Clean is able to offer specialist abseiling services for very large premises. In order to determine the best type of service, whether it’s Reach & Wash, abseiling, or traditional methods, we first ask to be able to survey your premise to get a free, accurate, no-obligation quote.

For more information on our window cleaners Wembury, Devon & Cornwall, or to arrange a quotation, please call us on 01752 313031 or contact us below.

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