3rd August 2015
carpet cleaning in saltash
Cleaning in Saltash
13th August 2015

Emergency Stain Removal in Plymouth

stain removal in plymouth

Emergency Stain Removal in Plymouth

Wright clean limited provide a professional stain removal service in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. For more information about our stain removal service and a few good reasons why you should contact the experts, read on for more details:

There are many consumer products in our supermarkets that purport to banish any stain, permanently and in seconds. People purchase these products, even though they won’t really completely remove a stain from fabric. If it’s an expensive bit of fabric, like the carpeting through your home, the stakes are a little higher. The advice from the experts is DON’T use that cheap spray on your carpet and other expensive furnishings, it may make the situation worse and actually set the stain.


Who you should use professional stain Removal in Plymouth

Carpet stain removal should be carried out by trained and experienced personnel, if you want reliable and quality results. You need technicians that are trained to differentiate between water and oil-based spillages and know the chemistry that’s taking place in the fabric, so they can remedy the problem. The stain could be from blood, vomit, greasy food, pet urine or shoe polish and each of these will need a different chemical and a slightly different technique, our technicians are fully trained to tackle your stain removal in Plymouth, so don’t make it worse by spraying some cheap detergent on it – call the experts!

Some of the worst stains to tackle are coffee, tea and red wine and the sooner you call the professionals, the better chance they have of removing the blight from your lovely carpet. If you leave these stains too long, they will not be removable. However, professional cleaners will be able to reduce and mitigate the staining, using cleaners and detergents not available in the shops. If that one cheap product really worked, our professionals would be using it, instead of the 20 or so chemicals at their disposal.

Often our professional cleaners in Plymouth are dealing with dyes within the spilt product, rather than the product itself and this is where experience pays dividends. Their advice is to use a little cold water to blot the stain up and NOT to rub, as this will damage the pile of the carpet, basically keep it damp until the cavalry arrive. Sadly, if you have spilt hair or fabric dye on your carpet it will leave a permanent mark.  A professional may be able to lighten it but the longer you leave it the less chance it can be removed completely.


Ensure you keep the quality of your carpet

Any carpet is expensive and the larger the runs, the higher the cost of replacing it. So to preserve the beauty of your fabrics, act quickly when the worst happens and don’t reach under the sink for that so-called ‘Stain Buster’, as it may well contain bleach that will fade your carpet, worse it could leave a residue that will attract more dirt and worsen the situation, making it harder for us to deal with, when you do call for help. Remember it’s easy to spray that cheap and ineffective chemical onto your carpet but it can be much more difficult to get it out. Our professional team providing stain removal in Plymouth will have all the necessary equipment, including a powerful extraction kit to suck-out the dirt and detergent, to leave your carpet clean and fresh.

Many hire a professional cleaning firm as a matter of course, once or twice a year to clean their carpets and three piece suites, especially the high footfall areas of carpet near outside doorways, landings, stairs and around dining areas. This will keep your house, lounge suite and your carpets fresh all year-round.

Accidents will always happen, especially in a family home and more-so in school holiday periods but accidental spills don’t have to be a calamity, if you act quickly and call the cavalry!

Wright clean Ltd provide a professional stain removal service in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information.

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