Cooker, Hob, Extractor and Oven Cleaning in St Germans, Devon and Cornwall


We provide a professional and dedicated oven cleaning service in St Germans and the surrounding area. We clean hobs, fryers, steamers and extractors to a trusted high standard, using specialist products and our customary hard work, to remove grease and burnt-on deposits.

Our highly experienced cleaning team will expertly revitalise both domestic and commercial equipment and will impress you with their work-ethic and diligence. We also offer a complete commercial kitchen cleaning service, which includes all canopies, deep-fat fryers and all other types of kitchen equipment.


What Products do we use for oven cleaning?


We only use non-caustic and odour free chemicals in our proven process, making up for the more aggressive action of harsher products by our sheer hard work. This means that your oven is safe and ready to be used immediately after cleaning. We will always protect the areas around the appliances, before and whilst we clean them. We always remove extractor covers and filters, to properly clean inside the extractor and degrease accessible areas and components.


Our Oven Cleaning Process


  • The hob is thoroughly cleaned to remove any build-up of carbonised grime from the surround and the hotplates/rings.
  • This cooker unit will be deep-cleaned and polished, the glass cleaned and the shelves submerged in our dip tank of solutions, to remove all deposits.
  • We clean the panels inside the oven, using specialist non-caustic products, to effectively remove grease and burnt on deposits.
  • Your oven or other equipment will be ready for use immediately after we have cleaned them.
  • The oven is then thoroughly rinsed and left sparkling clean, to our usual high standard.



Oven Cleaning Facts

Regular oven cleaning in St Germans will help prolong the life of ovens, as most domestic ovens are replaced not because they are broken, but because an excess build-up of grime has impaired their ability to work. Regular and specialist oven and equipment cleaning, will help keep these build-ups down, keeping these expensive appliances in better shape for longer.

Our professional operatives at Wright Clean Ltd are fully trained, insured and have a proven track-record of delivering a high standard of cleaning, time after time.


Advantages of our St Germans Oven cleaning Service.


  1. Regular specialist oven cleaning in St Germans will help prolong the life of your oven.
  2. Once the oven has been cleaned, it is sparkling and gives a great first impression.
  3. We take up minimal space in your kitchen when working and can work alongside your staff.
  4. We use a variety of chemicals dependent upon the condition of your oven and our trained staff, always follow a set procedure, to ensure that they abide by our Health & Safety practices.
  5. Wright Clean Ltd will identify any problems with the mechanics of your oven before commencing any work and we will also provide you with a report once finished.


For further information regarding our oven cleaning in St Germans please contact Wright clean today using the number at the top of the page.

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