Carpet Cleaning in Liskeard


There may be many carpet cleaning companies in Liskeard. Are all of those companies part of the National Carpet Cleaning Association (NCAA)? Not only is Wright Clean a member, but we’re also members of the NCAA “Buy with Confidence” Program and strict adherents to all associated regulations and quality standards. This means that everyone we work with, from our own staff to our customers, are in the safest, cleanest hands possible!


Internally trained staff using top-of-the-line equipment

Your Wright Clean carpet cleaning staff will arrive to your home in our state-of-the-art vehicles, which are mounted with cleaning equipment. This complicated equipment requires careful training to the highest standards. Our staff uses long hoses to suck any waste from your home to the storage truck, leaving not a speck. They will also be able to identify the source of carpet stains to help you avoid similar occurrences. When you work with Wright Clean, you get the best of the best: staff to tools!


Wright Clean cleans any type of carpet or stain

Whether we are called to a private home or a multi-room office, our team is prepared to handle a carpet cleaning job of any volume. Moreover, we have the skills and resources to solve any type of stain, include wine, blood, coffee, vomit, urine, mud, candle wax, grease and anything else the dog tracks in! If you can stain it, we can clean it.


The treatments offering by Wright carpet clean, Liskeard

Not only are we happy to offer routine carpet cleaning, but we also have at our disposal other more intensive carpet treatments. They are:

  • Flea and bug treatment
  • Carpet protection
  • Anti-static treatment products that are great for rooms with computers

Wright Clean sprays all carpets with a soft, refreshing scent after completion.


For any further information about our carpet cleaning in Liskeard please call us on 01752 313031 or leave a message below.

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